Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14 - Getting ready for the Workshop

Getting ready for the workshop tomorrow--all the gear is packed up and sitting by the back door. I have 18 students in this one-day, intensive color workshop, and it promises to be exhausting and hopefully full of validity for the students attending. They will get to choose which time of day they want to do, and I'm providing images and originals for resources. I'll hopefully remember to get a group photo before the day is out to celebrate our successes with brush and mind!

I bring to you one of my older demonstration paintings tonight, as I don't have time to do any canvas justice. This one was done for an art group some years ago, showing the Color System working to depict moonlight. This painting is already in the hands of a collector, so it is not available. It was a 16 x 20 oil. When painting a non-daytime image, one just drops four of the colors from the palette, and being careful with the range of values, it is quite possible to give the illusion of moonlight! Now, don't ask me which ones! I'll hint and say that they are all in the warm family!

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