Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 4 - Chocolate Donut and the Last One, I Promise!

I sure wish these donuts would get out of my studio, but I've had such fun without even delayed gratification after the painting session. Oh, you see that there's a bite out of this one? No, I didn't do that. It happened before it was placed on the taboret. And you see the model, a chocolate cake donut with peanut sprinkles! This 4 x 6 oil is propped up behind that tasty little model, so you can see the source material, and the finished painting. It is fun to paint from life, even if the wafting odor of warm chocolate permeates the air as I paint, caused by the heat of the lamp. Oh, such will power!! Available for $100 on the Daily Paintings web site

I'm still waiting for input for the next commission--until I hear, I cannot begin that one. It will be a lesson painting, if it comes to fruition. If not, perhaps I'll do a horse painting to fill the time and give more pointers about painting.javascript:void(0)

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