Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January 3 - Donuts, or Another Fat Pill

"Another Fat Pill" Oh Dear! This is just awful! That box of donuts is still in the studio, and another one slipped out to show up near my easel. I just had to paint it, because I CANNOT eat it! Goal setting for 2007 includes making better food choices, and you and I both know donuts are nowhere near the list! Yet I have to tell you about glazed donuts. When I was a kid back in Falls Church, Virginia, and went to church, and sang in the junior choir, after the service there was always a time for conversation and socializing. Always there were these oh-so-fresh glazed donuts in boxes for the parish to eat, coffee for the grownups and punch for the children. And they always had a lot of sugary glaze, and droplets on the wax paper. I remember those still-warm donuts to this day, and when I eat one (not this one!), I try to recapture that sense of community and those memories. Original acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, 5 x 7 inches. Available for $105 from my web page for January 2007.

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