Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29 - Cat "Blue" 6 x 4 acrylic

"Cat Blue" I spent part of this evening putting together a cat tower for the studio, almost 8 feet tall, with cubbie holes and platforms, making a play place for the kitties, who both are on the sheepskin behind me on the floor. Darn cats won't have anything to do with it yet. Catnip coersion is in the plot for tomorrow. So with kitties on my mind, what could be more natural than this 6 x 4 acrylic of a domestic long hair, either a dilute tabby or a silver, your choice, coming off the brushes. The expression is one saying,"You expect me to rush over and act like I like this new thing?" Gotta love those cats! $100 from the Daily Paintings Page for November.

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