Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 17 - Blue Bottle of My Mom's

You ever get one of those days where everything seems to be chuggin' along just fine, and then someone or something comes along and mucks that all up for you? The world's smiling, and all of a sudden there's a rain cloud? I've had one of those days. OK, you know I'm packing to take my parent's ashes tomorrow, and was hip hopping along with no worries, and then I get a phone call. Unexpected and out of the blue, some bad news.  Nothing I can't handle, but it always is a wake up call that things aren't always what you think they are when dealing with organizations and individuals. More may come later. Enough for now to say that my faith in human behavior has been shaken a bit.
  Might make a difference in my painting tonight. We'll see. Well, well. Yessir, a little bottle of the blues came off the brushes (in oil) tonight. This painting is not about the nifty variations of the little glass bottle, but about the shadow shape that defines the composition. Simple though it may be, the "L" shape of the shadow and bottle defines the image, and almost look like a blue hand coming up to pick up the bottle. Hallow'een anyone? Oh, too soon. Sorry!  Freaky day, though. You really find out who your friends are.
  Y'all be safe, now, tuck your loved ones in and have a safe night.
Original oil, 4 x 6 inches, $100, available from the Daily Paintings archive.

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