Friday, September 22, 2006

September 22 - Warm Up Ring at the Kentucky Horse Park (Evening light, plein air)

Well, here it is eleven p.m., and I'm to fly out tomorrow from Lexington airport. However, small problem. There are...ulp...TORNADOS coming. Maybe I'm supposed to stay here for a couple days more? We'll see. Sure was sad to see the great group of students pack up and leave for all different parts of the country. I made wonderful friendships and know they learned a great deal about color and times of day. I will miss them all terribly.

Today's painting is the one I did on Wednesday afternoon as a plein air for the students, to demonstrate on location work, after our regular class. It was cold that evening, unlike the nice weather (temperature-wise!) we're having now. I sat looking over one of the warmup rings, where some of the youthful riders were prepping their mounts for the competition for that show of jumpers the Kentucky Horse Park just had. It was fun laying in the clouds in this "sky" painting, even though they eventually brought TORNADOS! This is a 12 x 9 inch oil, and was painted in about 40 minutes, and depicts late afternoon light, before the orange of evening colors everything up. You might be able to buy it if we survive the night of TORNADOS. Egad.
SOLD to the collection of Stephanie Allison of Shelbyville, Kentucky.

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