Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13 - Tide Pools (Plein Air)

Here I sit in a coffee shop on the edge of the ocean, looking out at an idyllic ocean scene near Laguna Beach, and enjoying a blended latte. (Love the wifi!) I watch people walking on the beach and enjoying the summer evening.  I've spent the day enjoying some of the great contemporary artists whose work is on display in the Laguna Festival of the Arts, and environs-- a lovely day of art and enjoyment, culminated by a plein air painting session on the edge of the waves.
  "Tide Pools" is a view looking over the edge of the cliffs north of the beach area, into the marine sanctuary, in the late afternoon, well before sunset.  The high horizon line (edge of the ocean) in the composition definitely tells the viewer that you are high above the water.  The waves come in, break and leave the sea foam and spin drift as residuals of the white waves, and under the clear water, you see the rocks of the submerged tide pools in the foreground.
SOLD to new collector Emilie Buchwald of Edina, Minnesota, founder and publisher of Milkweed Editions.

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