Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12 - Royal Anne Cherries

My mom grew up in Seattle, and the Northwest is known for its cherries, especially the Royal Annes.  As a kid in Virginia, I was able to enjoy them only canned, and it was such a treat to have my Mom bring a can home, and we'd open it and eat them together, laughing at how good they were.  Nowadays we can enjoy them fresh from the store, and as a rare treat, I brought home a small bag today.  While I enjoyed the rest of them, I set up five singles as this still life.  But I had an accident, and all five rolled off the platform and into the mineral spirits!  I fished them out with a brush, wiped them down, and set the still life up again.  Keeping them set up was certainly a lot easier as I wasn't tempted to eat them before I finished!

  I like to call this one "May I Have This Dance?" in its 6 x 6 oil state on gallery wrap canvas. I hope you enjoy it. 
SOLD to the collection of Suzanne McCurdy of Colville, Washington.

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