Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 1 - Old Ranch Gate

"Old Rancho Gate" I had a wonderful afternoon and evening of painting on location at the Santa Rosa Ecological Preserve with my friend and artist Roxanne.  We drove in through the locked gate to the center of this usually off-limits open space and came to the ranch headquarters.  They run no livestock on this land, and it has reverted with dedicated work to the pristine California grassland of 300 years ago.  I worked on this 7 x 5 canvas as the light was changing to the goldens of evening.  Looking at the 150 year old trees near the adobe bunkhouse, I also wanted to convey the human habitation on this fantastic 8,500 acres of open space.  The larger painting I did first might need some more tweaking before becoming a daily, but this one has a signature.  $100

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