Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30 - Del Mar Thoroughbred Vet Check

"Vet Check" Tomorrow I'm having my other horse vet checked for the peace of mind of the new buyers.  So I thought I'd share a quick study done today of a similar experience at Del Mar (note the turquoise green accents--really a trademark!).  It's a five by seven oil.  I spent a good part of today in the studio finishing the commission of the landscape with the eight people (are they multiplying?  I wonder...) and I signed it later.  Plus I also finished the painting of my beloved husband, and will post both of these tomorrow.  It is eleven pm now, I think I'm tottering off to check my eyes for light leaks.
  I need to get out my acrylics again, as I just got the notification from Walter Foster that the book I'm in "Acrylic References for Artists" is heading for the presses and distribution.  And an email from Nita Leland that her revised "Creative Artist" is also due for distribution.  I have work in that one, too.
  Hmmmm.  Better update the resume. $100

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