Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23 - Terry on Location

Ha!  What fun... to take a digital image that you didn't even take, and make a decent painting from it.  Actually what happened today was that my artist-students came to the studio after a long hiatus, and we were working on solving some issues.  Joan had an on-location piece of her friend and fellow painter Terry on the easel.   Struggling with abstract structure, she knew I wanted to help.  Rather than paint on her work (not good, as her painting is going on display for the Plein Air Artists of Riverside (PAAR) show, I decided to teach by doing.  So, using her digital source material, I painted the artist painting on location.  This painting is the result, a 12 x 9 oil, quickly laid in to show strong abstract structure and making changes to the composition to make a better design.  Took about 40 minutes, maybe.  Still learning to leave out the junque and get only the essentials.  Available for $275.

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