Saturday, April 08, 2006

April 8 - Disbelief

The first stage of grief is to deny its happened. I'm there right now.  Today's painting is an on-location study of a creek near our home, and the babbling water was restful and a good escape from accepting what's happened.  I'll freely admit I'm in the first stage of grief, which is denial (For example, "Oh, here's my Mom's watch in my purse, I'll have to give it back to her.") 
  So I met my beloved husband at this stream, and while he napped, I painted this 8 x 10 oil.  It may not be the most spectacular work I've ever done, since I'm so exhausted, but it eases my eyes.  $150.  Now I'm going to sleep, for I only had about an hour last night.

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