Saturday, December 31, 2005

December 31 - Happy New Year!

What to paint at the end of a year? Why is it a milestone? I can tell you that October 12 will be the milestone, for then I hopefully will have painted 365 daily paintings (in addition to the larger pieces).
So what to paint? I thought that what would convey the idea of a celestial celebration (everyone looks up to that ball in New York, right?) I'd do some fireworks. A dim memory of a painting of Santa Fe at night... loved the dots of lights indicating the town. If you are curious, the little light on the left side I imagined is our place. Secluded, and away from the crowds.
I like working with the night scenes. Love the luminosity of the color, and the drifting smoke of the expended fireworks looking like clouds.
May you all have a peaceful and richly rewarding 2006.

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