Sunday, December 25, 2005

December 25 - Sentinel

First of the two paintings featured in my lastest DVD, "Colorful Oil Painting #3", this is a 12 x 16 oil of one of my past beloved pets, now forever sitting on a porch of my old house. I used this image to demonstrate how to mix good color for late morning and early afternoon paintings, and am quite pleased with the result. A lot of hard work, and intense concentration goes into the process--I have to both paint and talk, and think both about the painting under my hand, and also the plan for how to teach and cover what I know to be important for the lesson. There will be some editing of the verbiage--my gadfry, I never shut up while I painted the thing!! So much to share, talked myself silly.
Feels good to have a nice, colorful painting a day to show for it, though...
Merry Christmas!

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