Monday, August 05, 2013

August 5 - The Road Trip Preparations

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Blogging the Trip
I'm posting these blog entries after the end of the trip, because I just couldn't get it all to work as I was on the road.
I made notes and took images, and now am sharing them with you on this "official" blog.
Before the Road Trip Began
How would you feel if someone told you that you needed to sling a leg over this hunk of metal and then drive almost two thousand miles on it? And then you would stop and paint an oil painting every day?
Well, no one TOLD me to do this. But I did it and loved every minute of the journey.
You've heard me say that art is a journey, and the waypoints along the road are what matter, and not the destination. Well, it is true as evidenced by what I've become in the past few years and how I plan to live my life in the next bunch of years. This road trip is part of the new direction my life is taking.
First the ride: a 2007 Harley Davidson Softail Classic, about 1500 ccs of engine and 750 pounds, over 25,000 miles already on it. Packed with my oils and SPARKY the dog (see the black case just behind my seat? That's Kuryakyn dog luggage for motorcycles, and Sparky hops right in. It has mesh openings and comes with dishes and handles, just like a regular dog carrier, but posher.)
Then my oils. I bought the 5 x 7 thumb box from Guerilla Painters, and cut down the pill boxes of my Color System to hold five pigments (the image below is before I did that). I took white, burnt umber and thalo blue in tubes to fill out the missing compartments. I bought (It worked BEAUTIFULLY.)
In the next nine days, I'd like to share with you the daily journey of this motorcycling road trip, with images taken and paintings painted along this journey
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