Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leaving more behind...

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October 13 - Leaving More Than Just the Place

Today I said goodbye to my beloved Vincent van Goat, whose life I ended in a need for compassion in his last hours. Those of you who have known me for the past 14 years also knew Vincie, my pack goat. He has been featured in many of my DVDs, even joined a group of MBAs over at the University for a joke in a photo shoot, and he was just a beautiful soul.
The painting above was done from reference material on one of our many walkabouts with him carrying my paint gear. His body rests near there now, and I will always remember his sense of humor and good nature when I asked him to go above and beyond his normal routine of just being with me when I painted. He was stoic, funny and always appreciated good treatment. Not many goats are born into the hands that will eventually end their lives, so in that regard, he was one lucky goat.
The end of an era...his large, Swiss neck bell is silent.

I fly tomorrow and am for the most part ready to go. I worry about the place here, and the animals/dogs/cats I leave in certainly capable hands, yet I know when I'm airborne I'll be looking forward to new friends, more paint than you can shake a stick at, and fun times.
I hope you'll continue on with me on this journey, and perhaps forward this on to your friends and family.
Thanks for reading,
Elin Pendleton, AAEA WAOW
POB 5954, Riverside, CA 92517


Carol Blackburn said...

Elin, I'm sorry to hear about Vincent's passing. That is a wonderful portrait of him doing what I'm sure he loved best besides other goatly things. Take care.

Linda Rupard said...

Elin, I am so sorry about your special friend & companion> I wondered why he hasn't been in your later news letters. He was a good pack animal. I love the painting. I have to tell everyone about Vincent
van Goat when I am talking about your workshop & your beautiful studio area, media room & yard.
Happy Painting