Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jul 21 - What it Means

This is the latest painting to come off my easel, at least in the last week, and the first to share with you since April. Entitled "Me and My Shadow", it encompasses some of the growth and change that has been happening for me.

The little, scared Chihuahua is down front, looking askance at the world around him. Even with trepidation in his little feet, and alone, he moves forward, into an unknown future, yet not fearful enough to quit moving. Hopeful, his head turns toward you.

Now the other side of the painting represents the inner truth of what courage we all have--to do what needs to be done--to move forward. The strength, wildness and honesty of the shadow sharp on the wall is a constant reminder to be strong, to move forward in your intended direction, and continue on your path, no matter how much unknown there might be on it. No matter how much initial resistance you may encounter. For like all shadows, there is no substance to the opinions of others, nor is there any reason for you to quit in your forward journey because of your own fears.

"Me and My Shadow" is an oil, 12 x 24 inches on gallery wrap, and is already in an online show which will be opening August 1st with the Canine Art Guild. ( ).

On other news, I'm scheduled to teach a five-day workshop in conjunction with the American Academy of Equine Art here at Two Trees Studio. The days will involve an emphasis on horse anatomy (my Raindance, even chubby, makes a willing model). And we will be covering how to capture light in paintings using the Color System.

Please use the links if you want five days of Elin-isms and Yellin' by Elin here at Two Trees August 1-5. I'll send your name off to the AAEA for registration.

In October there are the workshops in Georgia, with a couple of spaces left in this magical farm. I love going back there! Again, use the link to email me, and I'll get your interest to Judi, who sets up these live-in Color Boot Camps on the East Coast.

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Carol Blackburn said...

I love it, Elin. How true!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

LOL!!! OH my gosh I just love this!!!!!