Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jul 24 - Wolves for the Twilight DVD

Amazing how harmonious the Color System can be when it is so easy to use for twilight and overcast day paintings! This second DVD painting is further along than I planned for photographing it, but it just caught me up and carried me. (Not to mention that the camera was somewhere else in the house--sigh.) What we have here is the first full coverage of the canvas, laying in the initial abstract structure of values done ENTIRELY with just four colors plus white.

Which four colors? I bet Boot Camp Workshop graduates can tell me with their eyes closed. But for those of you not fortunate enough (yet?) to be in a "CBC", I'll share. The workhorses in this painting are:
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Umber
Alizarin or Quinacridone Magenta
Thalo Green
and (drumroll.....)
Titanium White
Mixing them together gets all those wonderful gray greens, gray blues and violets. Wowza.

I already like the design, although it has changed from the photo reference. Improved, I think. Now I'll go back into it and lay in "the rest of the story" with the cameras running. I even promised ON FILM that I would do a "Best of the Best" DVD of the combined footage for advanced students of the Color System--sort of a categorized visual lesson on tips and tricks for making the most of the CS from the hours and hours of footage from ALL the prior DVDs, even those no longer in production. I know the Color System works, and works WELL for all artists.

Speaking of cameras somewhere else in the house, I thought you might enjoy seeing the front of Two Trees Studio in summer. The hills are brown now, however the palo verde tree on the left is blooming, the roses in the picket-fenced bed are doing their thing, and the new siding (last year) really sets off the colors. My studio, and where I sit typing this right now, is inside that lower left window by the green vines. Do you see me waving at you? I love gardening, and just love this space!

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