Friday, June 18, 2010

Jun 18 - Hey, Virga is a Word and one of my Paintings!

Check this out! This Word-A-Day blog contacted me and asked to use my little 7x5 painting of the virgas for their blog--which reaches over twenty thousand people! I of course said yes, since they provide click backs to my site. What a treat to see this little painting in such good company!

It was a hot-hot evening in July, and I was painting outside the Riverside Art Association's gallery, on the opening of the "Au Naturel" exhibit of plein air work of the Plein Air Artists of Riverside. The evening clouds were lit from underneath with the setting sun, and the virgas were veils of cadmium orange and white. Entitling that painting "Virgas" is how the Word-A-Day folks found it.

On the home front, I've been drying garden pickings using my Excalibur dehydrator. Right now it's full of kale and spinach, which I pulverize and put in my morning fruit smoothie. Organic greens without the cookin', and I can't even taste the kale.

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Carol Blackburn said...

What an honor. Congratulations!