Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sep 16 - A New Message and a Thank You

As I begin this new painting, I find that I am more connected to the message of the subject and how it interweaves with who I am as an artist. Gone are the days of struggling with technical issues, and also gone are the "what shall I paint?" scenarios.

Rather, now I MUST make statements and allegory with the work I create. Perhaps that is the sign of an artist in a career point where the work--all of it--truly matters. For today this artist is completely interwoven with her best work, and my last painting of my father is one of those.

This one, too, may well prove to be one of my masterpieces, for I am strongly connected to the unfolding story. We shall see. It is a painting of a small child feeding some chickens. Full of innocence, backlit with her future before her, she is unsullied by the realities and abrasions of relationships and her position within them. So, let's begin this journey together.

It is an oil, 24 x 18 vertical, and the design will have the child in the upper right, and a value pattern of dark shapes coming forward to the viewer representing the line and group of chickens. I tone the canvas, and have sketched in the major shape patterns at this point. I used Australian Red Gold for the toning, and am sketching with burnt umber.

And to the folks who wrote expressing concern about my absence from the blog, please know that I am now strong, now focused, and moving forward with purpose and joy. Thanks so much for caring enough to write.

I've opened the Riverside workshop for November, and also one for October, but that one may not fill because of my tardiness in posting it. If you want a Color Boot Camp experience this year, November 12-15 are the dates. Please check my links below for the Workshop Information page.

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