Saturday, August 01, 2009

Aug 1 - Going to the Dogs Lesson Painting Continues

I emphasize the value structure and impact a painting needs to have to really be worthy for a second, closer look. Although not set in stone, as many artists make a body of work that doesn't have this feature, I believe that for "most" artists, a strong value structure will carry the day.

At this point I'm painting big shapes of a particular value to hold together the structure of the coming details. You saw the source material yesterday, so you know at least in your mind, what is coming. But at this stage, look at the beautiful brushwork on the right side, and the subtle complementary colors of orange and blue in that lower right section of dark! Wow. No matter how detailed the dog becomes, that area will be a secondary area of interest. No dog eyelashes yet! Details come later, after the value structure is in place. All of this so far has been done with the cool box colors.

This is fun, painting with the juicy Classic Artist Oils. I still love acrylics, both Open and traditional, yet it is such fun to do a thick, juicy oil to mix it up.

I had a wonderful visit from a former student who graciously credits me with giving him direction when he needed it about ten years ago. Frank Stockton is an editorial illustrator now living in New York, and his imagery is on the cover of Communication Arts this month. The link will take you to the magazine's page where you'll see him and his work. Teaching has so many rewards, and knowing Frank has been at the top of the list lately. Check his web site and look over his list of clients! He admits that there was a lot of hard work to get where he is now.

Congratulations to Roy Renfro of Plano, Texas, on his purchase of the plein air Rocks painting which has been added to his collection of Elins!

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PAT MEYER -- said...

What a great composition. Thank you for all the tips on the blog. Really enjoyed.