Monday, July 13, 2009

Jul 13 - Backlit Horse and Rider Demo for the Workshop

This 12 x 16 oil was done as a demonstration of the skies theory in the Color System during the July workshop. The theory is that there is a warm circle near the source of illumination and that it shifts to the Cool Box outside the circle.

I spent some time tweaking it a bit to bring it to this level, and might again go after it to truly finish it (getting those values right!) in the next few days. I'm pleased how the light comes through on the tail, though.

I'd like you to see that the source material is only the jumping-off point for paintings. Here's the photograph that inspired the painting. This is Frank Gerhardt on Bonus, his appaloosa gelding that he raised and trained. Quite a legend in our local area for trail riding!
I love the memories that have come out of my camera over the years. (And it allows me to deduct my horse expenses since I couldn't get these images unless I actually went on the rides!)

WORKSHOP spots OPEN! Northern California, north of San Francisco! Three days near the redwood country, and in the quaint town of Sebastopol.
August 17-19, $295 through the AWS group there in a lovely location, even if it is Color Boot Camp! Please email me if you'd like to hold one of the spots and I'll send you the contact info. If you've been too far away to do a Color Boot Camp down here in Riverside, this is your chance. I'm going east for the Maine workshop in September, then one here (Riverside) in October. As long as they continue to sell out, I know that what I'm doing has validity. COLOR BOOT CAMP!!

P.S. That color boot camp wanna-be in Scottsdale in their latest blurb is NOT an official Color Boot Camp. Only Elin Pendleton can bring you the "true" Boot Camp experience!

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VoiceofReason said...

I love the light through the tail and the "halo" around the edges of horse and rider. What my brain is fighting is the fact that I can so clearly see the details or horse and rider. I've seen this scene and with the sun where it is, everything but the tail would be in near black silouette with no visible detail. I'd have to severely squint to even look in their direction. In a painting, you'd want to see more detail than you'd see in reality of course, but this is way too much for having the sun right in the line of sight. Don't touch that tail. It's perfect!

Elin Pendleton, AAEA, WAOW said...

Of course! That's why I made the comment in the post saying I'm going back into it and working on those values.
You pointed out the relationships that aren't quite working yet. Good eyes!