Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mar 12 - Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree, Plein Air

At the request of one of the PAAR artists, and with her company, I went out to paint a landmark in Riverside today. I have wanted to paint this for over 20 years--the parent Navel Orange Tree that is an historical landmark in Riverside, at the corner of Arlington and Magnolia. This tree is one of two that are the original trees brought to Riverside and into California by Mrs. Eliza Tibbets in 1903. Her husband didn't think much of this project, so she watered the trees with dishwater. She sold cuttings from her trees for $5 each, an exhorbitant amount at that time. This one tree has survived and continues to blossom today. It is cared for by the folks here at the University of California, Riverside. The navel orange tree, and Mrs. Tibbets, changed the citrus industry forever. Available for $275.

This 12 x 16 painting is done in acrylics, and I stood in the median strip on Magnolia Avenue this morning to paint it. If you've ever been to Riverside and seen this bit of history, you'll recognize it right away! Standing in the median with all my gear, I felt at one moment like a homeless person, and then at another as if I were one of those people who hold advertising signs. Hard to ignore the traffic so close, but I had a few nice comments.

On other news, I am going to share that I owe a local art group a huge apology, for missing a demonstration I was supposed to paint on Wednesday. I just feel awful about it. I share this with you to show that even though I consider myself fairly organized, I can miss something really important. It just wasn't "in" my head, even though it was on my calendar. I could lean back on the excuse list of what has happened this past week--trying to save the red tail hawk, house guests coming and going, installation of new siding on the rooms above the studio (here's a picture), and even family health problems have thrown a few pot holes in the road.

But that doesn't take away my embarrassment about it, nor knowing that I let them down. I'm going to offer to do another demo (if they'll have me) for just a small bit of money to cover my expenses when they can fit me in. I love this group--so I am just sharing this with you to let you know that "stuff happens" even to folks who seem so organized. We're all just human, after all. Let's hope they can forgive my foibles. The siding is beautiful, but the pounding above my studio was a bit deafening.

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sharyndana said...

Those of us who came to demonstration from R'side understand that life sometimes gets in the way of the best of plans. Look forward to meeting you at the next demo or the June Workshop, whichever comes first. Sharyn