Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 14 - "Incoming" acrylic is finished!

Here's the finished painting, dog and girl in bright sunshine on the water, holding a pole and reeling in the red bobber. Compare this finished painting with yesterday's, and you'll see how I developed the three-dimensional forms with the additions of distinct layers on top of the underpainting. This is especially viewable in the distant trees.

On the design, look at the line that the distant water's edge creates. It is just above the girl's knees, showing that we are looking UP at her--and she is drawn with that in mind--her shoulders are in perspective with the nearer one higher than the opposite one. The dog is below the horizon line, and so we're looking DOWN on him. You can see this in action by laying a straight edge along the dock edge and also through her shoulders--the lines will intersect at the water line on the right side!

The entry for the Art Show at the Dog Show has gone to Express Mail, and now I wait for the reply to see if this one or the others are going to get in. While I wait, I can't sell any of these, although you've asked about them. If they go to the show, they can be purchased online through their web site. None of them are over $500, and this one is $300.

I really like the painting, because that kid could be me at about age nine, however the dog would have been a dachshund instead of the wire hair terrier. (And my hair never looked that good!) In using the Color System on human skin, I flip the boxes, and paint the shadows warm and the lights cool--thus she seems to glow with life because of the reversed contrasts of temperature. Come to one of my Color Boot Camps to see this in action! My goodness I have four in 2009, one's already filled.

Tomorrow I share with you the third acrylic done for this art show, in three stages.

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R Smith said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Elin! Lucky for your painting you chose a relatively well-mannered wire fox terrier. If that were my WFT, Sparky, he'd be IN the water with the bobber in his mouth ;-)

Elin Pendleton, AAEA, WAOW said...

My terrier is called Sparky! And I certainly know what you mean about those terriers. Gotta love 'em because of their energy and joy in life, eh?

Mindy T said...

I Love this painting. It seems so real and beliveable. I want to be there