Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dec 6 - Commission with Fall Colors

Ah, the holidays! Nice to have a commission come in of a horse in pasture, and to be able to pull out all the stops on the fall colors in the trees behind him!

Here's the underpainting on this 16 x 20 oil--I used a cool blue intentionally to set off the warms that will be in the layers to come. The horse's name is Quattro, and he's a racing quarter horse, two year old.

This is just the block in of the major shapes, and figuring out placement of the subject. Since I'll have two focal points--the large tree in the background and the horse/shadow combination in the foreground, I placed the horse almost left of center. I'll have to be careful to ahve his shadow be strong enough to keep that midpoint division from making the viewer uneasy! There will be white rail fences framing the horse and separating him from the woodland behind--very typical of the area.

News also, I've opened up registration for the ONE workshop I'm teaching in Southern California next year in my studio. It will be the three-day Boot Camp next February, which falls over Valentine's Day and the President's Day weekend--February 14-16. Four people have already signed up, and there are only ten slots. If you want one of the remaining six seats, please go here (opens a new page in your browser). This workshop focuses on hands-on Color System paintings, creating your own subjects in your most familiar medium.

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