Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec 15 - The Horse commission and an E-Vite

Quite a change from yesterday's image, and it is so far along that I showed it to the collector for her approval. I still have some more work to do on it, though.

I really enjoyed painting in the fencing behind the horse and will share with you how it was done. The first lines were horizontal, done with white and ultramarine blue. Then the sunlit portions were painted on top of that with just white and a whisper of cadmium orange. The posts were done with that same white/blue mix, and then their sunlit areas were put in with that same white.

Now, even though there is a signature on the work, I will still go in and work on some of the areas before I can truly call it finished. The distant tree needs more limbs, and there are some "issues" that artists have with their work that need resolving before it "reads right" to the originator. Sure was fun to get it to this point though! Can you Boot Camp Graduates tell what time of day it is? (Remember that the time of year also affects your decision!)

On other news, I had one of my bigger paintings accepted into the Saks Gallery Show in Denver, and we've just received the invitations. They are gorgeous! If you are in Denver during this time, please come to the opening and see some truly spectacular art. As you can see from the e-vite, there are some truly outstanding artists represented. I'm honored to be among them!
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