Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26 - Back from the Workshop!

I've returned from a wonderful five days up in Northern California, teaching the Color Boot Camp workshop and doing a demonstration for the ASW painting group in Sebastopol, about 30 minutes north of San Francisco. What fun! Great group, and the workshop was full of laughter and "head-hurts" with the Color System knowledge going in. Many made great strides towards/into good color choices for the time of day they were painting.

The demonstration paintings I did during the workshop and meeting are examples of my evolving style in how I want to have my art appear after the hiatus of last two months. It's been wonderful to reach into the oils with such certainty about how I want the end painting to be.

It's easy to admit that artists grow and change, but perhaps not so exciting to know that other artists also go through this. Above is a painting I did back in 2005, and one I brought to the workshop to show evening light as it can be done on location. I knew the Color System in '05, but hadn't refined it enough to "pull it off" every time. That's typical of newbies to the CS, because it takes a while before the Color System can be involved in every one of your color choices. I was still relying on the "good ol' choices" because they were familiar.

While in the workshop, I told the students what I was going to do to the painting, and then did it. The changes are subtle, perhaps, but the overall painting has been "stepped up a notch". Here's the finished work.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I am enjoying your lessons and I love your new horse. Something the Southwest Artist gal pals add to the blogs is horses. This is something I enjoy about the blogs and that illustrated their social value.
Nice paintings too.