Sunday, August 31, 2008

Aug 31 - Dog Commission Phase I

So how does a commission happen? The usual procedure is that I'm approached by someone who has seen my work online, and they have a desire to have a painting done in my "style", yet with their animals in the composition.

This two-dog commission came to me that way, after handing my postcard-business card out along the way. The pile of photos to the left are the requested imagery I need to create a composite image of what the client wants. I seldom have a "perfect" image from which to work, and one of my strengths is design--the ability to create a good composition from a multitude of source material. It is a worthy skill to acquire, and skill it is.... anyone can get it with enough practice!

The initial sketch on the canvas is below. I've placed the two dogs with the characteristic pose that the client wants, and I've quickly drawn in with a brush the placement. I did do a small thumbnail sketch to define the negative space around the dogs--again, designing the composition. The client hasn't seen this yet. This stage would only confuse, with no value contrast to help the non-artist "see" the direction I'm going.

The shadow in the image on the top is my easel. More tomorrow!

On another note, one of my two panels is in place on the Mural Mosaic of the Horse, in process. I had panels 216 and 136, but although they have both, only one is viewable in the assemblage.

The official unveiling of the completed mural will be on September 3. You can see the almost finished mural--a combination of over 300 equine artists' collaboration at this link:

And my entire blog here.

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