Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10 - Laying in the large shapes, Rowdy Portrait

Here's the painting completely in the "Uglies". The features are not correct, the hair's too yellow, the hands and sword aren't realistic-looking yet.

All of this painting has been done with layers in acrylics, and it is mostly done with the cools in the cool box. The background, however, crosses over from the cools of ultramarine blue and burnt umber with the addition of thalo blue to give it some "oomph".

I will continue to layer and make corrections, fixing the attributes of the face and start to tighten down the look of her humorous half-smile. She now has on the white "gi" and the black "hakama" of the aikido practitioner, and her hands are roughly in the position for drawing the sword.

I found it interesting that at this stage, Rowdy's face seems to share the sadness of not being here--perhaps I'm painting her with my own sadness. This will evolve....

On another note, today we had triplets born to Uke, the young goat I shared with you last year. She's now a momma, and with her first kidding, triplets are amazing! And what's more amazing is how they are the spitting image of their grandmother, whom I still have. Got kids? Looks like I'll be bottle feeding them, as first freshener goats don't always have enough milk. So cute...

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Peggi Habets Studio said...

This portrait is coming coming along nicely! Looking forward to seeing it as it develops further. It's interesting that you block in the head in a white and lay the fleshtones over that. I've never seen that done that way.