Monday, April 07, 2008

April 7 - Plein Air INside the Riverside Art Museum

Such a wonderful week full of wonderful news! But first the details about this painting. It is a 12 x 24 acrylic, done from the "Art Alive" exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum (down at the bottom of the Exhibitions page). The Plein Air Artists of Riverside were invited in to paint the still life setups during the opening weekend. Because many of the exhibits contain real flowers, it only goes on for a very short time. But the two paintings I did (this being the second) will live on for quite a while. I'll post the first one tomorrow.

I enjoyed the play of light and dominance of form on this shelf of greenery, part of a larger portion of the exhibit. It came together quickly with acrylics, and darn it all, I forgot my camera to take in-process images.

So, other news! The Del Mar Turf Club contacted me for the second year in a row to have one of my Del Mar Race Track paintings on the front of the VIP cards for the press, trainers, owners and VIP visitors. What an honor! They picked "Training in the Ways of Del Mar" from my Del Mar Race Track paintings. It's already in the hands of a collector--sorry! Here's a small jpeg:

More news tomorrow!!
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