Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jan 19 - Finished with the Plein Air Week on a High Note

At the beginning of this last week, we began painting at the Riverside Art Museum and on Mission Avenue.
I did this little 5 x 7 oil of the museum sign as an exercise in back lighting. It was windy, so I didn't spend too much time on it--only about 30 minutes.

The great news was that today, the "Quick Draw" competition in front of the Library ended with me taking first place with my "Morning Light on Mission Avenue" painting. It's a 14 x 11 acrylic on board. I set the timer while I painted it in ten minute increments, so I could take in-process photos. I'll share those with you in the days to come. Here's an image of me with the ribbon... total painting time, one hour and 45 minutes from start to finish. I'm glad I stopped to take the "in process" pictures, so I can share what went on during its creation. I had "hat hair" by then... ah well. The PAAR people sure put on a great show!

Now to think about the upcoming workshops and to enjoy the finished patio adjoining the studio. On February 6, the Plein Air Artists of Riverside will be coming here to paint the green hills and have a pot luck dinner. I'm looking forward to that, too!

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Barbie Bud said...

Hi Elin, First time I've visited your blog, your work is outstanding. I see you paint a lot with acrylics, do you find them hard to work with compared to oils? You sure do an amazing job with them. I'll be back. Take care, Barb