Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 16 - The Three Dog Commission, progress

I'm very pleased with how this LARGE painting is coming along as I continue to cover the canvas with another layer, and obliterate the underpainting (which still peeks through yet minimally in the sky and background areas). Doing oil layers on a surface this vast means I have less blending opportunities and it brings to the forefront my skills with acrylics in mixing and adding the covering layer.

The gods have miles to go before they are finished, but I am more pleased with their general "sense" of dogginess at this point. During this painting session I was not concerned with them. I hope you'll compare today's painting with the earlier version on July 17 (in the blog).

On other news, I'm starting some new adventures--not the least of which is podcasting the daily paintings--putting up the entire two years of work on iTunes. Alberto is starting that project, and I'm recording the audio so you can see the paintings and I'll be talking about each one--embellishing the minimal text I'd written on the days they were painted. Each podcast will be just one minute long. But there will be several hundred you can get on your iPod or share with friends. I'll let you all know when this the released.

You see, I do have a bit of time to work on other projects now while I paint!

Congratulations to John Ottaway of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, on his addition of the Keeneland painting "Keeneland Morning Overlook" which he found in my ebay store.

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