Friday, June 15, 2007

June 15 - An Oldie But Goodie, Going to get "Partied Up"

Many years ago (at least eleven) I did this 36 x 30 oil as a commission for the Las Vegas "Dream House" decorator's challenge through my friend and gallery owner Randy Holland. It was fun to do these big canvases (there were four), and I still have two of them. I am bringing this one to you as both a lesson painting, and to share with you some of my "checkered past".

Although I was happy with it at the time of its creation, I now know more, and am ready to accept the challenge of bringing it up to the artistic standard I hold today. Unless someone rescues it at a $400 price tag, I'm going to spend some time tomorrow painting out portions of it to present to you as tomorrow's daily. (Then the price will be higher!) I have been asked to share some larger canvases with you, and this seems like a good place for starting.

So many joyful things on my plate right now....just finished sending off the entries for the Harness Tracks of America auction, and working diligently on the editing of the Acrylic DVD. I have ALL the digital footage from the original tapes on four separate external hard drives, and am so pleased that the additional footage dovetails right into the lesson format I want to present to you! I will announce pre-orders as soon as the master DVD is in the hands of my duplication service. You have been SO patient!

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