Monday, April 23, 2007

April 23 - On location once again

I have to admit that painting along side Betty Billups (or at least in the vicinity of) sure kickstarts the color and choice of subject! There is pure artistic energy when artists get together to paint, and even moreso when the artists have as many miles of canvas under their brushes as Betty and I.
I encourage all artists to get to where they can be influenced by others (classroom, workshop or just getting together!) because it is true that the sum is more than its parts when applied to artists painting together!

This 12 x 9 oil came off the brushes as the day turned cooler and windier on Earth Day. I love the way the fog comes in over the Cleveland National Forest and the coastal range of mountains in Southern California. Since I considered the buildings to be incidental to the scene, they are bit players for that sky. Interesting though, that the light posts jut up into that space, connecting and also saying "look at me" the way humans and human-created things tend to do.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elin
I seem to have dropped off your list all of a sudden and I must say life is the bit emptier for not having your delightful voice and art.
Hope all is well and you are just having a enormously well deserved holiday with Vincent.

Elin Pendleton said...

Please email me so I can put you back on the list! I don't know who you are from this comment, and I surely don't want to lose you!