Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8 - Another portrait of Sabino

Hard to believe the week is coming to a close--this has been incredible on so many levels--and enjoying every moment of it. Today was a painting day, and a day to just relax and rest. Before dawn I was up and painting, doing two quick oil studies of the sunrise and then the sun-drenched clouds. In the late morning I joined another friend and treked out into the national forest and did two full-blown finished paintings in acrylics of the vistas and rugged terrain. On location, and in this dry climate, the system for keeping the acrylics moist worked like a charm, even at 8 percent humidity!
But those paintings aren't today's work. They will show up on the days when I'm driving back home--serving as memories of the air and feel of Grapevine Canyon Ranch and Southern Arizona.
Today's painting is the 5x7 oil of Sabino, this time without saddle, to work on the color planes of the shadow areas. It is sold, and in the collection of Louise Mellon of Aiken, South Carolina.

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