Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 17 - Onions with a Palette Knife!

Time to clean out the pill boxes! This action generated a painting today that is more what I'd like to do with the texture of the paint adding a distinct lusciousness I crave to see. There's a lot of palette knife instead of brushwork in this one. Hmmm, may have to get into the mindset of cleaning out pill boxes more often! This 5 x 7 inch oil is called "Close Friends" and joins the ranks of breakout paintings. I love it when creativity burps and these little gems appear. $100 from the Daily Paintings web site.

I also have placed the finished boat commission and the Allie and Spunky commission on the January page. There were some final changes made to both of these, and the clients have been notified!

I think I'll experiment more with the palette knife and cleaning out the pill boxes to see where that takes me, unless and until another commission comes in.
Tomorrow I hand the master Plein Air with an ATTITUDE DVD over to the duplication service! I'll be ready to ship next week!!!
Now on to editing the last of the Acrylic Painting with an ATTITUDE into DVD format.

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