Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23 - A Rose from the Garden

"A Rose is A Rose" Out to the garden after a wonderful dinner with my sister and brother and spouses, brother is a gourmet cook and does amazing things with food.  So the plans move forward on Mom's memorial, and we enjoyed a wonderful, laughter-filled evening.  Earlier today I had noticed one of my beloved Grenada roses coming into bud, and so when we returned home, I cut it and have painted it for you on this 6 x 4 oil.  Interesting, in painting it, I wanted to really push the paint and put a lot more paint on the surface, but I haven't broken through to that level yet.  I will, though.  
  As artists, we are constantly (ought to be anyway) testing our limits of expression.  We ought never to paint the same thing twice.  I look at work I did years ago, and see tremendous growth and change (sometimes, "Egad, did I really paint ulp!").  The more you create, the more depth can get into your work.  Even when I lift brushes this late at night, I never forget that each work is a stepping stone to new ways to express my vision.

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