Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 3 - Vintage Ornament, Flocked Glass, 5 x 7 Oil

"Vintage Ornament #3, Flocked" The weather has been dry, cold and windy, the only warm spots in sheltered corners of sunshine and the house cats are seeking indoor quadrants of warmth in the morning. The dry air is hard on my sinuses, but I was out with the machete cutting more cactus as I continue to clear out an area for a rock garden with succulents.

And as I think about these ornaments coming to light, I am finally ready to paint this one--It has a special meaning. This one's a tree-shaped flocked glass with those colored bands again, this time they are red and blue. My earliest memory of this one was back in the late 50's when we lived near Washington, D.C. My dad worked in the Pentagon, and I was about six years old. I can remember lying under the natural spruce tree looking up at the lights and this ornament, and pretending I was out west somewhere. Although none of these ornaments are expensive, they are fun to paint and are precious to me. I heard from another list member who suggested that they be put on display on a spring rod in a window, high enough to be out of the range of the cats. It's a good idea! 5 x 7 Oil for $100

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