Sunday, December 10, 2006

December 10 - Commission Finished!

"Sara Finished" Sometimes a painting just won't rest until it pesters you to work on it. I knew even though I had signed the painting yesterday, it wasn't going to rest until I'd come in and fixed all those "little things" that kept coming into my head since leaving the studio. So if you'll take the time to look at yesterday's work, you'll see what just wouldn't sit down and keep quiet.

I like it now, and feel far better about the light and the lift in the horse. So let's put a fork in it, because it's done!

The rainy weather kept me indoors for most of the day, and I worked on the cat tower exit to the "safe zone" for the kitties outside. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow when it's light. This is in the student area/gallery, where I'll finally be able to re-open my studio for artists one day a week, planned for January. I can hardly wait, because when artists come up to the studio, I also learn a great deal. I paint with them, we share stories and hints, and it is one of the rewarding moments in my week. I hope to see returning students/artists, and add new ones in this locale.

Now in the collection of Paula Worstell of Carlsbad, California.

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