Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 16 - The New Mailbox

"Mailbox at the New Place" Today my brushes were on something totally different for me--a mailbox!  We have to put in a new box for the mail at the new studio, and my spouse brought home one that will hold small parcels securely.  Of course it has to have the street numbers on it, and if this is the portent of things to come, looks like there are many more painting opportunities ahead on non-normal surfaces!  
  I took a view from the end of the street, and put in the mailbox on the left, and then added the scene of the house as one would see it from that point.  The Reserve is in the background, and I think it portrays the feel of the seclusion.  The numbers were done in thalo blue, to contrast with the usual cool palette of distant landscape. I wanted a loose, fun font for the numbers, so I wouldn't have to live up to the calligraphers on the list! First I had to prep the surface with a sanding to rough up the powder coat finish, and then a layer of gesso before painting this with oils. Original oil, about 6 x 12 inches

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