Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 8 - Gallery Show Opening

Tonight was the opening of the Summer Art Show at the Santa Rosa   Plateau Visitors' Center, and I thought you would enjoy some images  from that opening. It was crowded, sales were good, and there were 14  other artists showing their work on the walls and room dividers. I  spent time talking to my friends and collectors, (that's Gabriel  Baber with me in two of the images) and thoroughly enjoyed the  evening. I had several paintings on display, and the invitation  painting is the big one behind me in the upper left and left side of  the image. This show benefits the Foundation, charged with finding  funds to provide transportation for every third grader to come up to  the Plateau from every elementary school within fifty miles.  Fun  evening, but no new painting. I hope you enjoy this look into the  
artist's life.

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