Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20 - In at Del Mar (Thoroughbred)

"In at Del Mar" A punny title on the sign, and the action in this painting.  The groom is leading the horse "into" the track area, the sign says "IN", and we are definitely "in" Del Mar Race Track!
  This was a 12 x 16 demonstration painting for my demo at the San Diego County Fair today.  I enjoyed the demo after a rough start, with phone calls and forgetting the ticket entry stuff, having to drive back to get them, and being late on account of it all.  However I stayed later and kept on painting.  
  Problem with this one, is it is a bit too complex to be a demonstration piece (for me).  I was talking the entire time and I need time to process the details and the overall planning.  Although it has a strong abstract structure holding it together, it is weak in a bunch of areas (don't tell me, I know where they are!!)  
  It will be reworked perhaps tomorrow, and reposted in a finished state, perhaps as a learning/lesson.  Hopefully it will be worth the wait.  It is deep in the "uglies" at the moment!
  After the demonstration, I spent the rest of the afternoon being a "Fair Junkie", seeing all the kitchen gadgets, the carnies with the carnival rides (I like looking at the people who run the rides--not the rides themselves!), shopping for odds and ends, and eating all the "heartburn specials" that are peculiarly found only at county fairs.  Can you say "Haystack Onions?"  I've also posted a link to a nice digital of the view from the Sky Ride that I took.  Very Del Mar Fair.
  Fun day!

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