Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15 - Another Lily (Figurative Work)

"Another Lily" In the United States, citizens are looking at today as the day to pay taxes.  And I recalled line about the "pound of flesh"  (was that Shakespeare?) and renovated a life study I had.  I love the pensive look of this lady, and also the loose brushwork.  This study probably was from a 15 minute pose, as that was the length of these studies.  I highly recommend taking a life drawing or life painting course, as this kind of disciplined finish-it-now regimen will prepare you to capture the essence of whatever you need to paint in the future.  This is an oil study (I cropped out my signature for better design) of a model named "Lily" 14 x 11 and it was done with thin layers underneath before the thick lights were laid on in the second pass.
  I wish more of my work would get like this.  But it seems to work best for quick studies only.  Tomorrow I have another commission to do.

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