Friday, March 24, 2006

March 24 - Spring Daffodil and Wine Glass

"Spring Daffodil" (and the wine glass). A sure sign of Spring is here.  I picked one of the daffodils from the planter in the front yard and brought it in and put it in one of our wine glasses.  No ordinary wine glass, my folks bought a set of six of these deep blue-violet blown-glass vessels with the brass bands while on a trip in Mexico. I was along on the trip, done right after I graduated from high school, so these are pushing 40 years old.  I've always loved them, as the glass bulges out through the holes in the brass, making a grand tactile feel not possible with clear stemmed traditional glasses for wine.  The daffodil shows you the scale of the glass, which holds about four ounces.  This is an acrylic, 6 x 4 inches on gallery wrap (no framing needed). $100 

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