Wednesday, January 18, 2006

January 18 and 20 - Off the Plateau

"Off the Plateau (in process)" An 18 x 24 demonstration painting shown in process, one I did for tonight's demonstration at the Riverside Art Museum. Great group of people, and this is perhaps only a beginning... tomorrow's painting if I can finish it will be this same canvas.

Now it is finished, having spent some time with me in the studio this evening. A comparison to the start made at the demonstration will show you how a painting evolves. An original 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas, mounted on board. US $650

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Cecilia Price, I'm an artist too, or at least I thought I was one, until I came upon your site! Somebody sent me the link to your horse tutorial since I was trying to do a horse for the first time.

I really like this painting!

If you want to look me up, go to That's me! I'm very interested in your methods, they seem to be something I've never read or heard before, and something is surely working for you!

Cecilia Price
p.s. I have a blog too, linked from my site, but sadly, I have been lazy about keeping it up.