Monday, December 05, 2005

December 5 - Tiny Roberts

Sometimes I have no control over what dictates my paintings. My shelter dogs have bought out a story from another collector, and resulted in this posthumous portrait of a tiny rescued dog, named "Tiny Roberts" Original oil on board-backed canvas, 10 x 8 inches.

His Story: He was a rescue dog whom she named "Tiny Roberts" and he looked almost like a Dr. Seuss character. He only weighed 5 pounds, had few teeth, and had chewed allot of his hair off. He did bite however with his size and lack of teeth it was not very menacing. Week before last one of their other dogs got out and Tiny's owner went to find her. Tiny Roberts was with him. He put Tiny down for a minute to put a leash on the other dog and Tiny stepped back into the path of an oncoming car. This man (who is a large man 6'7") cried for over an hour carrying home the lifeless body of poor little Tiny Roberts.

I hope I've been able to capture his spirit. Yes, he has a halo.

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